Atlanta City Council works to curb 'commercial harassment' calls

For those who own a home, there's a good chance someone -- a stranger -- has called trying to purchase the property. 

Despite rejecting the query, the calls keep coming. 

At Atlanta City Hall, the solicitor labeled the solicitation "commercial harassment".

"One of our seniors thought she had to sell to one of these firms," Raines Carter told the Atlanta City Council. "I told her no one can make you sell your home. It doesn't work like that".

Andrew Beal, a local attorney who has researched the issue, said the reason residents are getting a torrent of calls is because the market in greater Atlanta is red-hot.

"The people who may be especially vulnerable are seniors who do not know what they are sitting on," Beal said. "Offered a chunk of cash, they may go for it". 

Beal said one way to stop the calls is to go to a state website and register your property.

The Attorney General's office compiles the information and can challenge any firm found to be a nuisance. The site is labeled "National Do Not Call Registry".

At City Hall, Solicitor Carter has set up a complaint line for Atlanta property owners. That number is 404-658 6670.