Atlanta City Council address scooter issue

The Atlanta City Council looks to control the number of scooters that can be on Atlanta streets as well as rein in some reckless riders who whiz by too close to frighten pedestrians.

At a meeting late Wednesday, members of the public safety panel heard from all sides. Ron Shakir, a southwest Atlanta resident, said he never thought that because the vehicles are electric "you cannot hear them coming."

Shakir said one came upon him and nearly struck him.

Michael Bond, a citywide member, is spearheading the legislation.

He said the most popular way to drive or ride the scooters is actually banned in the proposed law. Riders can take to the streets or designated areas like the beltline, but they are not supposed to be on the sidewalks.

Bond said officials want to encourage safe use of the scooters but the actual number would be controlled.

He said on a monthly basis ridership will be tracked. The quota for the two companies that are operating -- Bird and Lime -- can be increased or lowered depending on what those ridership numbers show.