At 91 and 92, this Johns Creek couple can't wait to get vaccinated

They survived the polio outbreak in the 1950s and they're doing everything they can to see the other side of the coronavirus pandemic.

It seems most weeks Friday can't come fast enough, but this Friday is especially urgent, as residents at Belmont Village Senior Living facility in Johns Creek will be vaccinated then. Two of those residents are especially excited to receive it.

Dr. Easont and Lila Wall consider themselves a resilient couple.

They pushed through the polio outbreak and hunkered down as COVID-19 changed almost everything.

They said they believe the COVID-19 vaccine will only make them stronger.

"I respect the science," Dr. Wall said. "I don't have any doubts about it."

Belmont Village Senior Living Facility in Johns Creek, has closed the space off to visitors, residents eat meals from a distance, the Walls have only seen loved ones from the other side of a window.

"[We] wave at them some time," he said.

That's why they put their trust in the new COVID-19 vaccine.

"I will be very pleased," Mr. Wall said.

The two are lifelong educators from Texas. At 91 and 92, the couple often reflects on what life was life during the polio outbreak of the 1950s.

"It was scary-- maybe more than this is," Mr. Wall said.

"Because of the crippling of people. Very few people got through without being crippled for life," Mrs. Wall said.

"We had a lot of hard knocks but, they weren't anything we couldn't survive. I guess we're survivors," Dr. Wall said.

The Walls are two of more than 70 residents who will receive the vaccine when Walgreen's representatives stop by the facility Friday. Their second dose will be administered in three weeks.

Meantime, the Walls agree Friday --and the pandemic's end-- can't get here fast enough.

"I'm going to go out and hug everybody I can find," Mrs. Wall said.

Belmont Village representatives said they have not had a single COVID-19 related death in their facility, and they hope the vaccine only bolsters that fact.

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