Four arrested, drugs and firearms seized in search of South Fulton home

(City of South Fulton Police Department)

Police, Homeland Security agents, and a SWAT team have arrested four people in a search of a home in South Fulton.

Officials say on Wednesday, multiple law enforcement agencies executed a search warrant at a home on Winter Side Lang.

According to investigators, agents found multiple pieces of evidence of gang-related activity inside the home including gang tagging on the inner walls.

In the search, officers seized 193 grams of marijuana, 17 grams of psychedelic mushrooms, 9 MDMA pills, 1 gram of cocaine, 500 grams of THC edibles, and four firearms.

In total, four people were arrested for 12 felony narcotics and weapons charges. Officials say several of the suspects arrested admitted to being arrested for PPE loan fraud.

(City of South Fulton Police Department)

Investigators are working together to try to identify any other affiliates in the city of South Fulton representing suspected criminal gangs.