APS continues to refine turnaround plan

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Making Atlanta’s schools better could mean closing some of them. That’s part of the superintendent's turnaround plan. Parents, however, are fighting to keep their schools open.

A small group with signs and bullhorns stood outside the Atlanta Public Schools building Monday afternoon. Nathaniel Dyer said closing schools is bad for communities.

“We're going to fight to make our schools more stabilized and protect our communities, because without a school you have no community,” said Dyer.

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Inside the APS Board meeting, parents and teachers also said they weren’t giving up without a fight.

“These things being done to us, without us, and we'd like a moratorium on school closings until we can discuss how this is really going to impact school achievement,” said Shawnna Hayes-Tavares.

Superintendent Dr. Meria Carstarphen has held a number of packed town hall meetings over the past few weeks, explaining that she's looked at enrollment, the community and the utilization of the buildings when trying to determine which schools to close or merge. The superintendent said she is listened to the community and has made some changes to her original plan.

“We've been working through multiple scenarios, we've changed them and revised them many times,” said Dr. Carstarphen.

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There are several more town hall meetings planned over the next few weeks. The board will consider the final plan March 6.