APD Releases Surveillance Video in Fatal Shooting Investigation

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Atlanta police said finding the men who were inside a white Lincoln Towncar in the early hours of November 3rd, will help them find the gunman who killed a young man just a few minutes after the video was recorded on Joseph Lowery Boulevard in Southwest Atlanta.

"We've been told five men were in the car, but only two men got out with guns. We're very hopeful someone will recognize this car and tell us who these men are," Atlanta Police Captain Michael O'Connor said.

Witnesses told investigators those two men got out of the Lincoln when they saw their victim and confronted him on Parsons and Lowery shortly after 4 a.m. - not far from Morehouse College.

"They drew their weapons, and when the man realized they were coming toward him he said, 'I don't have it. I don't have it. I don't have it on me.' That's when the men opened fire and shot the victim several times before fleeing," O'Connor said.

The young man died and the search for his killer and has been ongoing ever since. The video was captured outside a Chevron Station just a few blocks from the crime scene. While the men never emerge during the video, police are certain they were involved in the deadly shooting.

"It's very consistent with what witnesses are saying about the timing and the type of car. And right after the shooting, you see the same car driving by leaving the area of the crime scene," O'Connor said.