APD chief responds to question about using Georgia National Guard to fight crime

The Atlanta police chief is scrambling to find enough resources to combat crime.

As he appeared for his confirmation this week, Atlanta City Council President Felicia Moore raised the issue of the Georgia National Guard: Should the city ask for assistance and bring troops in to help patrol?

"I think it is premature to talk about the military given what we are seeing," said Chief Rodney Bryant. "They are not equipped for that type of response."

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Vincent Velazquez, a retired homicide detective, is in complete agreement with the chief. 

"We don't need to have troops patrol any city," Velazquez said.

If the guard is not the right thing to be considered, then how can commanders successfully address a myriad of issues with Atlanta being more than four hundred cops short?

"You have to rob Peter to pay Paul," said the former detective.

Gun violence may be causing the biggest headache for commanders.

Velazquez said the reason there has been so much of it is two-fold.

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He said a lot of the repeat offenders are still able to get bond. They may be out of jail for a year awaiting trial. At the same time, he said, new people get into encounters and try to solve the disagreements with gunfire.

"You have to move resources from one area to another, and it leaves you vulnerable on the backside," Velazquez said "The problem remains you don't have enough officers to take care of everything."

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