APD: Bystander hit in drive-by shooting

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Atlanta police are searching for two gunmen responsible for shooting an innocent woman in a drive-by shooting early Saturday morning along Jonesboro Road.

Officers said the shooters waited outside an Exxon gas station for two men in a black car.

When those two men came out, the shooters pulled up to the gas station, opened fire using a handgun and a rifle, and sped off.

The shots hit a woman in her sixties hanging out at the gas station multiple times in her side. 

She was rushed to Grady Hospital and is in critical condition.

The shooters turned a corner and wrecked their car, and fired more shots as they ran off and abandoned their car. 

The intended victims sped off as well.

Police are searching for those intended victims and the shooters to piece together why this shooting happened in the first place.