Anticipation, reservations around Trump's 'black voter initiative' announcement

President Trump will visit Atlanta on Friday. Before leaving he is expected to launch a black voter initiative, Black Voices for Trump Coalition.

"I mean, from a political standpoint I would understand you would come to a place blacks aren't necessarily the minority here," says Rhyan Clark, of Atlanta. "We are the majority here in Atlanta."

Recent census estimates show African Americans make up 52% of people living in Atlanta.

"He realizes that in order to restore these communities, to promote small business, you (have to) be the job creator," said Bruce LeVell, of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, "You generate the retail commodities in your community."

LeVell says his support for the President is centered, in part, on his success in business.

"It's not a popularity contest," LeVell told FOX 5's Kerry Charles. "It's like 'hey can we present this policy to you and does this work for you? And, all we're asking is support this policy."

Clark is open to hearing details about the initiative, but he has reservations.

"He does a lot of rhetoric online that insults and inflames the African American community, but it doesn't always mean the actual paperwork and what he's implementing is bad," says Clark.