Alert issued after fox tests positive for rabies on Georgia Tech campus

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Georgia Tech officials are warning students, faculty, and those who live or work near campus to be careful around wildlife. This comes after three students reportedly encountered a fox behind the Molecular Science and Engineering Building near the Georgia Tech Track and Field facility.

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Georgia Tech Police said two students were injured during that encounter with the feral fox last week. Officials sent the fox off to be tested and this week results were positive for rabies.



A fourth student reported a similar incident over the weekend with a different fox. Police said they have not yet caught that creature, but warn it and others could also have contracted the disease and are warning people to be extra vigilant in around that area of campus or avoid it if at all possible.

The school said all four students are receiving medical treatment. Three have already returned to classes.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is helping area animal control officers in finding the foxes and removing them from the campus.

Anyone who may have encountered a rabid animal is asked to seek medical attention immediately. Police said all students have received proper medical treatment as a result since the positive test.

Anyone who sees a fox or any animal acting strangely on campus is asked to the Georgia Tech Police Department at 404-894-2500.