Airport police arrest man for concealed loaded shotgun and drugs

Police at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport detained a man who could not answer why he had a loaded shotgun in his bag -- a weapon for which they say he had no license to conceal.

A maintenance worker spotted what she thought was part of a weapon sticking out of a duffel bag. The 25-year-old individual, who police later identified as Terrell Lamar Jordan, carrying that bag was in an isolated area of the atrium on Wednesday afternoon.

"I am truly thankful that he was in that particular section of the airport," said Major Reginal Moorman, the airport police commander.

Police said he drew attention initially because he was allegedly smoking marijuana. The maintenance employee went upstairs to try to track from where the odor was originating.

"He had some marijuana cigarette’s there, he had a knife, and they saw a duffle bag with his barrel of a shotgun," said Major Moorman.

The airport's SWAT team (ASRT) got up there and without drawing their weapons started asking questions.

"The initial encounter, the man said he wanted to take a one-way ticket and fly somewhere, but then he said he was not able to, so the motives behind why he was here and what he was actually doing and why he was in possession of that firearm and that marijuana here on the airport property is still under investigation," the major said.

Police said Jordan had no permit for that pistol-grip shotgun and he was taken to the Clayton County jail.

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