Abrams supporters weigh in on her response to President Trump

Stacey Abrams stepped onto the biggest stage of her political career Tuesday and accused President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans of abandoning working Americans and fomenting partisan and cultural discord.

The Georgia Democrat introduced herself to the nation months after narrowly losing her bid to become America’s first black female governor. Instead, she became the first black woman to deliver a State of the Union response.

Speaking from a union hall in Atlanta, Abrams combined her party’s vision of a more unified society with her personal story as a black daughter of the Deep South.

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Abrams supporters gathered in Atlanta Tuesday evening to watch the speech. FOX 5 News crews covered a watch party at Noni's on Edgewood Avenue. Dozens of people showed up to the event and weighed in on her response. They also said they want the former gubernatorial candidate to run for a seat in the U.S. Senate.