7 Pillars Career Academy in Clayton County closing June 30, school district says

The 7 Pillars Career Academy in Clayton County is closing permanently on June 30, according to a letter sent to families by Clayton County Public Schools. 

The letter was sent on April 11. The letter says that the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia sent a denial letter to the school's leadership informing them that the commission cannot consider the school's petition for approval because the school does not meet SCSC eligibility requirements for petition consideration and has significant deficiencies such that operation of the charter school would not be consistent with state educational goals.

The families were told that they need to decide on another school option for their child or children for the 2024-2025 school year. They were also told to contact the school's governing board and leadership directly for records, daily procedures and operations.

7 Pillars offers classes for middle and high school students. According to its website, its mission is to prepare students for global impact by finding value in self through perpetual service to the community.

The school reportedly provided students with their own learning devices, smaller class sizes, hands-on learning, and a free after-school program.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the school had approximately 200 students enrolled in 2022-2023.