5 ways to use that pandemic supply of hand sanitizer

The pandemic introduced us to things we never thought would be future must-haves like K-95 masks, toilet paper for days, and copious amounts of hand sanitizer. But it's the bottles of alcohol we now don't know what do to with it. 

You can certainly donate it to the fire or police department, or you can drop it off at a shelter. But you can also use it at home in other ways besides wiping your hands. 


  1. Clean your computer keyboard: At the office dispenser, get a glob of it from the communal dispenser and sanitize that dusty, crumb-loaded computer keyboard. Mine is always gross. So I will definitely do this.
  2. Synthetic make-up brushes: The manmade ones can be wiped down with that little bottle of hand sanitizer that still sits in the bathroom.
  3. Erase permanent marker: Accidentally use a permanent marker on the whiteboard? It will make it disappear.
  4. Tarnish remover: A lot of websites we found from silver experts to The Home Depot recommend taking off the tarnish on that silver with hand sanitizer. Put a few drops on a cloth then wipe away the tarnish, but it must be aloe-free.
  5. Deodorant in a pitch: If you're not smelling so fresh, and you have no access to deodorant, put a dab of hand sanitizer under your arms. It can kill the bacteria that causes odor.

And a few more options include taking off Band-Aids, removing labels from glass, and getting the goo off of flat irons. Don't waste that under-the-sink supply.