5 tips for avoiding fake game day tickets

There's a lot of local interest in getting tickets for the Georgia-Alabama National Championship game. It was a history-making game. UGA topping Oklahoma in double overtime.  If you shelled out money for a ticket to Pasadena, you got your money's worth.

One fan summed it up best, "We've been waiting for us for over 30 years!"

And that has the rest of us here at home thinking about how to get a ticket to the National Championship game on Monday. But getting a seat will competitive because it's here at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. That's practically a home game for both teams.

But what'll it cost ya? Well, a quick look at a few sites shows tickets start at nearly $2,000. If you want to sit at the 50-yard line, Georgia side, this ticket goes for nearly $7,500.

Here's a jaw-dropping price we found - $25,000. Sure you get more than a seat. There's a lounge, food and drink and other VIP options. But still it's $25,000 for a single ticket.

If you're competiting for a coveted seat at this championship game, here are 5 TICKET BUYING SAFETY TIPS

NUMBER 1: Go first to the venue's official ticket seller. They often sell secondary tickets now.  NUMBER 2: If you're looking around, consider the source. If it's a ticket broker, make sure they're with the National Association of Ticket brokers.  NUMBER 3: Look for a lock in the web address. That means it's a secure purchase. NUMBER 4: Know the refund policy before you pay. And finally NUMBER 5: Pay with a credit card. If there's a problem down the road, you can dispute the charge.

I chatted with the executive director of the College Football Playoff, Bill Hancock, who has one more important piece of advice.

"When you do get a ticket, don't get a paper ticket. chances are it's not valid. The tickets are mobile, so they'll be on your phone. A paper ticket -no go."

To learn even more about big-ticket scams check out the metro Atlanta Better Business Bureau's advice: Get more tips.

Listen, if you've got the money, go. Have fun. But be smart.

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