3 teens accused of raping mother appear in court

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Disturbing new details about a vicious attack and rape of a Gwinnett County mother which police said all happened in front of her children. Three of the four suspects appeared in court Friday each pointing the finger at the other for the alleged crime. The fourth defendant is a juvenile female, but she is facing the same charges.

Fransico Palencia, Jose Ramierez, and Angela Garcia are all charged with home invasion, sodomy, battery, kidnapping, rape, and cruelty to children.

The detective testified that the boys’ chain of events of what happened that night are basically the same, but they said it was the other one who raped and pour boiling water on the victim.

"He [Ramierez] said when the victim came home, they were hiding behind the door, they attacked her from the back, they [dragged] her to the kitchen, where Mr. Palencia was the one who threw the water on the victim and he's the one who tased her. We asked him about the rape, he said Mr. Palencia had done that also,” said one of the investigators while on the stand Friday.

Where the stories differ is where they were when the rape occurred. One said he was at the bedroom door with her 4-year-old son, the other said he was in the closet with the child. The detective has not been able to speak to the child saying the child has a mental issue.

"The assailant pushed her on the bed and asked her if she has AIDS, to which she said 'No,'" said the investigator.

Police said the teens went to the home with the intent. They first burglarized the home and then the girls waited in the car while the boys waited for the victim to come home. As for who actually raped the victim, detectives said that is still not known.

"The entire time of sexual assault the assailant was carrying a stun gun. She feared for her life and children,” said the detective.

It also came out in court that the stun gun was found at Palencia's house and Ramierz’s fingerprints were on the pot that had the boiling water.

Both boys’ DNA has been sent off to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Crime Lab along with the rape kit. Those results still are not back.

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