1 dead, multiple injured after car crash on I-75

A major crash has left one person dead and has closed down all lanes on northbound Interstate 75 in Henry County.

The crash happened near the interstate's exit to Mount Zion Boulevard early Sunday morning around 5:30.

Officers said a total of 11 cars were involved in the accident. Some vehicles were smashed up against the center divider. Another car was turned backwards from the impact.

One witness told FOX 5's Alexa Liacko he was going to work earlier Sunday morning when all of a sudden he saw a car come up fast on his rearview mirror.

The witness described the crash like a domino chain collapsing, with multiple cars crashing into each other.

Several ambulances have left the scene. Clayton County police say there has been one person confirmed dead and other victims transported due to injuries.

Multiple Clayton County officers are also still on the scene investigating the cause of the accident. Officials say the investigation is ongoing. The victim's name is not being released at this time.

There is no estimated time for the lanes to be back up and running.