'09 grad encourages Class of 2020 to keep pushing forward

Graduating is hard, but being a self-sufficient adult is harder. COVID-19 hasn’t helped.

But one college graduate who navigated the job market during the recession says there is hope.

“There was no possibility of jobs whatsoever,” Adriana Meneses reflected on graduating during the recession.

(Jayda Hill)

Jayda Hill, a 2020 graduate, has started to experience something similar.

“When COVID first hit, slowly by slowly different agencies started canceling their internship programs," said Hill, who graduated from the University of Georgia with an advertising degree a few weeks ago.

She had plans to intern in New York for the summer.

“When you read a book and, all of a sudden, it stops mid-sentence, and it’s kind of like 'Stay tuned.' You're like ‘Wait, what's about to happen next?’"

But Hill has remained positive. Her mentor’s advice has helped guide her.

(Adriana Meneses)

“The idea that there won’t be any jobs available is something that I heard in the past, and there will be jobs. There are jobs. It’s just a matter of patience and time," Meneses said.

Meneses graduated in 2009 during the recession. Finding a job was more than tough, but she wants the Class of 2020 to know there is hope.

“We’ve gone through the Great Depression, we’ve gone through a lot of wars, we always bounce back," Meneses said. "We’ve gone through this. We will go through this again. It’s just about how we go about it that really defines our character right now.”