Steve Harvey hosts mentorship camp for fatherless boys

On the day set aside to honor the Father’s in our lives, it’s important to remember the special men who stand in the gap for boys and girls whose fathers are not in their lives.  Entertainer, author and talk show host, Steve Harvey was just in town for his 9th annual national mentorship camp—a week-long event that caters to more than 200 boys. He talked to FOX 5 about why mentoring is so important on Father’s day and every day of the year.

Entertainer and author, Steve Harvey created the camp an opportunity for boys to interact with men who care enough to make a real difference. The Army Soldiers who participate say it’s an important mission. Many boys, who participate in the camp, return as mentors.”

The camp is hosted by the Rock Ranch in Georgia.   Everything from airfare for campers and their mothers is provided allowing them to stay for free so that nothing stands in the way of these young men getting the guidance they need. Choice Hotels is the key sponsor and the company's CEO Steve Joyce was among the hands on male mentors at the camp. 

“They teach them life skills, they teach them what’s like to be a man.

They teach them what a real person looks for in their dreams and hopes, and teaches them how to think about doing new things. They change people’s lives,” Joyce said.

While changing lives is certainly the goal, Steve Harvey said there are many ways to make a difference.

“You have the time to grab one boy, one girl, and say, ‘Hey, you doing that, let me show you another way to look at this.’ That’s mentoring.

‘Here’s my number. If you got any problems, you get in any kind of trouble; you got a question—call me.’ That’s mentoring. How about this one? ‘Hey, just checking on you today. How you doing man? Hey, I love you.’ That’s mentoring and anybody can do that,” Harvey said at the Rock Ranch.