Start a successful container garden

Container gardens are just as unique and diverse as regular gardens! There are many different styles of container gardens for your patio, porch and even for inside your home. You can plant traditional flower container gardens or even tasty vegetable gardens. Here are some tips on how to add an instant impact to your homes with spring containers!

The Key to Container Garden Success

  • Pick Your Container
  • Many options from glazed, light weight, window boxes, and many more.
  • Drainage
  • Make sure your pot or container has a whole in the bottom 
  • If not, create good drainage by adding a good layer of rock 
  • Soil
  • Use a good quality potting mix in containers…not a planting mix
  • Pike Potting & Container Soil is light and nutrient rich which is essential for container gardens
  • Use EB Stone Sure Start as you are planting to help stimulate your plants root system

Thriller, Filler, Spiller

  • Thriller
  • This provides the height, drama and maybe color for your container garden
  • If you can view from all sides, plant this in the center. If not, plant towards the back of the container 
  • Filler
  • Pick a color scheme and echo that color through all your plants
  • Foliage plants can be just as pretty as flowering plants
  • These will be used to fill in your container
  • Spiller
  • The spiller will spill over the edge of your container
  • Get creative
  • May have to do some maintenance and trim back occasionally 

Finishing Your Container Garden

  • Fill in around your plants with Pike Potting Soil
  • During the first watering, make sure and get everything good and wet because it will be the first time the potting soil has gotten wet.

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