Queen Latifah talks STAR Season 3

She's a Grammy-winning musician and Oscar-nominated actress, and tonight, the legendary Queen Latifah returns to the small screen for the third season premiere of the FOX hit "Star."

Good Day Atlanta's Paul Milliken recently visited the show's Atlanta set, where he sat down with Queen Latifah to chat about the show's upcoming drama-filled season.  Latifah plays Carlotta, who ended last season in a dramatic confrontation with sister Cassie (played by fellow Grammy-winner Brandy) and will fight this season to maintain her power position with new cast addition William Levy.  

"I'm so glad he's here," Latifah says of Levy. "He plays Mateo, who we will find out has now come to purchase the entire company.  So just when you thought you were running a label, you got a new boss, and it gets a little contentious, immediately."  Of working with Brandy, Latifah says, "The coolest thing is, it's Brandy.  You come to work in the morning, and you're sitting in your makeup chair, and this songbird just comes in the room with music for days.  And we get to hear unreleased music and...just her humming along to a song is like, that's Brandy singing!"

How will it all turn out? Catch the all-new season premiere of "Star" at 9 p.m., right here on FOX 5 Atlanta!