Post Thanksgiving workout with GYMGUYZ

Reset after you indulge. That's the Post-Turkey-TrimUp advice from experienced personal trainers.  Especially since the average Thanksgiving dinner adds up to about four thousand calories. 

"It's actually good for your metabolisism to dump a bunch of calories at one time. On occasion, not every day.  You can do it every 2 weeks, " Anthony Hippeli, a trainer with GYMGUYZ, told Good Day's Kaitlyn Pratt. 

The trainer, who comes to wherever his clients are, showed us some moves in the FOX 5 studio, to get our blood pumping. 

A medicine ball and kettle ball are two of his favorite props, "This is going to wake up your whole body," he promised, while showing us the correct position and motion in three exercises that involved bending, reaching and squatting. 

No equipment was needed to round out the routine, that ended with high knees for 30 seconds and then sit ups with arms extended all the way to the floor behind your head. 

Hippeli say the motivation behind moving should NOT be weight loss. 

"It's about moving, feeling better, sleeping better, that's what you want to do fitness for," he explained.  

"GYMGUYZ" recommends having help from a trainer to ensure you do the moves right and don't hurt yourself.   For more information on GYMGUYZ click here