Pasta & sauce from scratch at Sandy Springs favorite

This might surprise you…but pasta doesn’t always come from a box, and pasta sauce doesn’t originate from a jar.  Truth is, there’s both art and science behind making a perfect plate of pasta, something the team at il Giallo Osteria & Bar is happy to show off to guests.

The Sandy Springs restaurant was started by Chef Jamie Adams and General Manager Leonardo Moura,  and serves up cuisine inspired by the various regions of Italy.  Chef Adams and his team make all pastas from scratch, and they do it on a large wooden table in front of the kitchen so that all diners can watch the process.  Late in January, Adams will be hosting a pasta-making class at il Giallo, passing on tips to home cooks who want to leave the box on the grocery store shelf and try making their own noodles.

Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken spent the morning getting his own personal pasta-making class at il Giallo, and also learned why a personal experience makes healthier eating is so important to Chef Adams.