Passion for glassblowing burns bright at Atlanta studio

It was more than 30 years ago that Matt Janke first moved to Atlanta and realized there wasn’t really a glassblowing studio in which he could work.  Today, thanks to his passion for the artform, that won’t happen to anyone else moving to the city.

Matt and his wife Kim are the owners of Janke Glass Studio, opened in 1996 and located at Studioplex in the Old Fourth Ward.  Billed as “Atlanta’s first complete glassblowing center,” the studio serves as both a place where Matt Janke can continue to practice glassblowing and sell his incredible creations, and also a classroom where others can learn glassblowing.  The current “menu” of classes includes a date night during which couples will make a keepsake and enjoy refreshments, and 3-hour classes on weekends in which students will work on two projects.  The studio also offers 5-week beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes, as well as private tutoring.

Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken has done a lot of things on live television in the past several years, but he’s never tried glassblowing.  So, he spent some time at Janke Glass Studio learning more about this fascinating place.