Monitoring your self talk with KD Bowe from Praise 102.5

He's a highly motivating personality and inspiring radio show host on Praise 102.5.

KD Bowe talked to Good Day Atlanta's Katie Beasley via Skype about "Monitoring Your Self Talk."  He provided viewers with tips to help in everyday self talk.

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Tips from KD Bowe on Monitoring Your Self Talk: 

What you say to others is important. What you say to yourself is just as important, if not more.

1. Your words are weapons of mass CONstruction or DEStruction — Every single word is DOING something. Consider that before choosing one from your toolbox (or arsenal)

2. INTERNAL conversations become EXTERNAL realities — What you say shapes how you think. How you think determines how you act. 

3. Change your script — Much of what we say to ourselves is a regurgitation of what others have said to us or about us. Sometimes their script was incorrect or incomplete. If it doesn't fit the narrative of where you're going, it's ok to rewrite the script.