Meals on Wheels creates sweet way to help seniors with 'Purposeful Pecans'

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Meals on Wheels Atlanta makes more than 300,000 meals for local seniors each year, but this year they have a new goal: half a million meals. So, the organization came up with a strategy to raise the money for all those meals, and it's a sweet plan that you can enjoy.

The nonprofit is using its own kitchen to make candied pecans, and these homemade treats will be sold to fund more meals instead of relying solely on donations to purchase meal supplies.

Meals on Wheels Atlanta typically makes hundreds of meals per day for food insecure seniors across Atlanta, but in the afternoon, the kitchen shuts down as the meals go out for delivery.

Meals on Wheels Atlanta chef Robert Gerstenecker came up with two recipes for candied pecans to make from scratch in the kitchen to help fund more meals for seniors in need: "Sweet with Heat" and "Cinnamon Star Anise." 

Purposeful Pecans are sold in farmers markets and online through the Meals on Wheels Atlanta website. Click here to order. One large bag can fund six meals for a local senior who is unable to prepare their own food or who cannot afford a meal.