Man quickly cheers up after 'Get Well Soon' card

No matter how bad you are feeling, winning $7 million would make anyone cheer up.

Joseph Amorese, 46, was recovering from surgery last month.

He received a "Get Well Soon" card from his father and it had a scratch off lottery ticket inside.

"I was actually working from home that day and I ran down and got the mail, recovering from surgery and you know, I scratched off this ticket and it game in a "Get Well" card and it was a complete shock," said Amorese.

The ticket turned out to be a winner!

"So I scratched off the very top part and then I worked my way across this way and then I came back this way and obviously I stopped right here, where it says: "Win seven million dollars". I took my glasses off, I'm looking at it and I wound up scratching the rest of them off just to make sure and I was pretty shocked to say the least and I had surgery, so I didn't jump up and down, but in my mind, I was jumping up and down."

Amorese will collect a lump sum of $4.5 million and he and his wife don't plan on quitting their jobs either.