Majic's Maria More shares tips on tracking fitness progress beyond the scale

She's a local radio personality on Majic 07.5/97.5  and a fitness guru providing midday motivation for listeners across Atlanta.  Maria More talks to Good Day Atlanta's Sharon Lawson about ways to track your fitness beyond the scale.

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Here are Maria More's tips:

  1. Take pictures: Body composition changes don't always correspond with the number on the scale but pictures don't lie. When you are exercising daily, maintaining a calorie deficit and drinking your water, your body should naturally lean out (considering there are no underlying health issues). I encourage my clients to take pictures 1-2 times per month so they can SEE the changes for themselves.
  2. Have a pair of "tester" jeans handy: Weight training often leads to the addition of muscle mass. Since muscle is more dense/compact than fat, it is quite possible to look smaller yet maintain (or in some instances, GAIN) "scale" weight. I encourage my clients to try on their "tester" jeans 1-2 times per month (you know, those jeans that you have to struggle to get As you lean out, you'll be able to get into those jeans much easier. I've seen it happen for myself and many of my clients even without losing any scale weight.
  3. Test yourself: Achieving success on your fitness journey isn't all about appearance, improving the way that you FEEL is also a huge win. Try to track how much easier it is to do exercises that were once hard for you. Experiencing improvements in endurance and conditioning is a motivator when the scale refuses to budge.