Local artist wakes the 'dead' with coffee mugs

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Nothing takes care of those bleary eyes like a cup of coffee in the morning – and that’s especially true when the mug you’re using is staring right back at you!

Buford’s Kevin Merck – better known to fans as Turkey Merck – is a special education teacher at East Hall High School and a world-renowned potter, whose zombie mugs are invading kitchens everywhere.  Merck says it all began when he posted a picture of his hand-crafted zombie mugs to Facebook – the picture went viral, and orders began pouring in.  Now, Merck can’t keep the mugs in stock, and among his fans are makeup artist Kevin Wasner and producer/director Greg Nicotero, both of “The Walking Dead.”  Merck plans to release 20 more zombie mugs at 2 p.m. EST on Friday, May 13th – click here for ordering information.  Merck is also selling the coffee to go along with the mugs – called Slow Joe Coffee.

Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken spent some time with Turkey Merck in his studio – and got to see the place where the “zombie magic” happens.