Grammy-nominees Nappy Roots 'brew up' new creative opportunities

They burst onto the popular music scene in 2002 with the multi-platinum album Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz.  Now, the members of award-winning group Nappy Roots are adding some more “hops” to their Hip hop, taking their love of craft beer to a delicious new level.

Nappy Roots formed back in the 1990s, and experienced their first major success early the following decade, with hit singles including “Awnaw,” “Po’ Folks,” and “Roun’ The Globe.”  But as the group made music history with its eclectic and original musical output, members were flexing their creative muscles in a different way behind the scenes, trying their hands at home brewing and naming the venture Atlantucky. 

In 2017, Nappy Roots produced two limited-edition craft beers for Atlanta’s Monday Night Brewing, and the group recently expanded its line with two new brews:  Watermelon, Chiquen & Gritz (available at Against the Grain Brewery in Louisville, Kentucky) and The Humdinger (available at Monday Night Brewing).  Future plans for the group include the development of a reality television show based around the band and its involvement with the craft beer scene.

Speaking of future plans, Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken spent the morning with Nappy Roots, learning more about the band’s broadening profile and, of course, doing a little taste-testing!