Good Day Atlanta viewer information June 17, 2022

Stars talk final season of TNT hit "Animal Kingdom:"  As one chapter ends for actor Jake Weary, another is about to begin.

"I’m about to have my first baby," said the actor during our recent virtual interview. "My buddy took me out for my ‘Dadchelor’ party!"

The new addition comes just as the actor — who stars as Deran Cody on "Animal Kingdom" — and his castmates prepare to unveil the sixth and final season of the hit TNT series. Although the new season begins airing Sunday, cast and crew wrapped production on the show awhile back, leaving stars like Shawn Hatosy with something of a void with which to deal.

 "It’s tough, man," says Hatosy.  "We usually start around January each year. And this year, I was in that mode of, ‘This is what I usually start.’ And then not going, and not driving to work…it was tough."

The sixth season continues the crime drama’s split timeline, with Leila Georgia headlining flashback scenes as family matriarch Janine "Smurf" Cody.

"This was my chance to go ‘full Smurf,’" laughs George. "You’re going to see her navigating teenagers; I mean, watch the show just for that! These young actors that they found to play the young versions of the boys are so so awesome. I’m so excited for the audience and fans to see them." 

Meanwhile, the grownup kids continue battling their very grownup problems.

"You’re going to see Craig in a new light, which he’s threatened to do before not ever really accomplished," says Ben Robson. "So, sort of cleans out his lifestyle and he starts getting a clear mind to think with, which I don’t think he’s really ever had before."

But on a show like this one, clear minds don’t always stay that way. And it’s safe to say the Cody family of "Animal Kingdom" will be going out the same way they came in: like lions.

"Animal Kingdom" premieres Sunday, June 19 at 9 p.m. on TNT with back-to-back episodes. 


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