Good Day Atlanta viewer information: June 14, 2022

C"Jurassic" films come to life inside Fernbank Museum: One of the year’s most anticipated films roared into theatres this past weekend — and once you’ve seen Jurassic World Dominion, there’s no better place to keep that "dino-mania" alive than Atlanta’s Fernbank Museum. Starting Saturday, June 11th — a day after the sixth Jurassic Park installment took over theaters nationwide — Fernbank unveiled a new exhibit called "Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family," which traces the famed T. rex’s little-known family tree. 

Of course, Hollywood movies have portrayed the T. rex as the fearsome king of the dinosaurs, but paleontologists say that’s just one tyrannosaur in a fascinating family line. For example, have you ever heard of the Guanlong, which scientists say had long arms and three-fingered hands? Or what about the Dilong, which was far smaller than most of us would expect of something in the tyrannosaur family? Curators at Fernbank Museum say the exhibit features dozens of unique objects, including real fossils and skeletons, along with immersive elements including virtual dinosaur egg hatching experience! "Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family" is scheduled to run through September 5th, and is included with the price of admission to Fernbank Museum. Meanwhile, Jurassic World Dominions — starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, and Sam Neil — is in theaters nationwide now. For more information on Fernbank Museum, click here. And click the video player in this article to check out our morning getting acquainted with all kinds of tyrannosaurs! 

Traci Daly talks The mission of "A New Daly Beginning": The mission is to provide cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers with a variety of therapeutic treatments and services that facilitate healing and support the journey toward recovery and wellness. We are a team of oncology-trained estheticians, massage therapists, and alternative therapists that want to make a difference. A New Daly Beginning is supported 100 percent by donations, and the organization is creating relationships among the cancer hospitals and treatment centers in Georgia, so they can provide these safe and effective treatments to their patients and survivors. The impact of blending western medicine and oncology esthetics can be life-changing for the patient. For more information on the organization click here. 

Justin Fabus talks upcoming single "Dead in The Water": Justin describes himself as an artist who doesn’t belong in a box. He launched three successive projects on the iTunes Country Albums Chart with Remedy hitting #49, Shelter From The Storm reaching #25 and his latest, The Aftermath, reaching #2. The Aftermath also reached #11 on the iTunes Overall Top Albums Chart. During 2019, Donnie Wahlberg even recruited Justin to take the stage at PPG Paints Arena during the Pittsburgh stop of New Kids On The Block’s Mixtape Tour.  You can preorder his upcoming single "Dead in The Water" now on all streaming platforms. 

History's upcoming documentary "After Jackie":  On April 15, 1947, a young Jackie Robinson started at first base with the Brooklyn Dodgers, marking the first time a Black man played in the modern Major Leagues and breaking the color barrier in the sport. A new documentary, "After Jackie," tells the often-overlooked story of the second wave of talented Black baseball players after Jackie Robinson, including Bill White, Curt Flood and Bob Gibson, who fought battles on and off the field to demand a fairer and more inclusive America for African Americans, and athletes around the world. Speak with critically-acclaimed producer and director of the documentary. After Jackie premieres Saturday, June 18

Ms. Basketball talks Juneteenth celebrations around Atlanta: Juneteenth is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating emancipation of enslaved black Americans. It is also often observed for celebrating African-American culture. Originating in Galveston, Texas, it has been celebrated annually on June 19 in various parts of the United States since 1865. Ms. Basketball gives tips on different events happening around Atlanta to celebrate the occasion. Follow her on instagram @MsBasketball1.

Pet of the day: Waldo is a two year old Retreiver Black Labrador mixed breed. If you'd like more information reach out to Fur-Kids. Click here for information.