Good Day Atlanta viewer information April 12, 2018

Agave Restauran'ts Tim Pinkham teaches Good Day Atlanta's Alyse Eady how to make a Agave's Shrimp & Poblano Chile Spring Roll recipe.   For more information on Agave click here.  For today's recipe see below.  

Agave’s Shrimp & Poblano Chile Spring Rolls
Ingredients                Quantity        Instructions
•    Napa Cabbage            1 Head         thinly chopped
•    Carrots                1 ½ cup        thin matchsticks
•    Poblano pepper            ½ cup            diced            
•    Yellow Onion            ½ cup            diced
•    Cayenne Pepper            1 tbsp            reduce for less spicy
•    Garlic Powder            1 tsp
•    Brown Sugar            1 tsp
•    Salt                    2 tbsp
•    Black Pepper            1 tbsp
•    Fresh Shrimp            3/4lb             rough chop
•    Rice Paper                 1 per roll    
•    Egg white                2 eggs

Preparation: Makes approximately 10-12 spring rolls
Mix everything together except rice paper & egg whites.
Drain out any liquid in cheese cloth and set aside. The dryer the better!
Place rice paper on flat clean surface. (may substitute spring roll wrappers)
Place approx. 2oz of mixture into center of rice paper and roll. use egg wash on top point of rice paper to bind.
Fry in oil 350 degrees until golden brown & shrimp cooked through.
Serve with your choice of dipping sauces. (we use jalapeno jelly & tomatillo salsa)
Enjoy smiling faces & full bellies!