Escape Woods gets 'Stranger' with addition of Hopper's Cabin

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Independence Day celebrations are going to be much “stranger” this year, as one of the biggest hits on Netflix returns for a third season.  But fans of “Stranger Things” who just can’t wait until July can get a preview of sorts right now — just by visiting one of the most unique attractions in metro Atlanta.

We’re talking about Escape Woods, the popular Powder Springs destination that takes the “escape room” concept and opens it wide open, dropping visitors into a fully-immersive experience on a 60-acre property known as Sleepy Hollow Farm. 

There are several “escapes” available at Escape Woods, including The Cabin: Fun House Massacre (a horror movie come to life, as you and your friends must escape a maniacal fun house owner’s cabin) and The Maze: Dragon Quest (a fantasy adventure involving the safe rescue of dragon eggs).  

But right now, the experience most people are talking about is Hopper’s Cabin — a name that will be immediately recognizable to fans of “Stranger Things.”  The Netflix series is filmed here in Georgia, of course, and parts of the show’s second and third seasons were shot at Sleepy Hollow Farm. That includes scenes set in Hopper’s Cabin — and now that filming is complete, the Escape Woods team has turned the actual cabin used in the show into their newest escape game.

Escape Woods is located at 628 Sleepy Hollow Road in Powder Springs, and experience must be booked in advance online.  Hopper’s Cabin costs $33 per person or $309 for a private group of up to 10 people.

So, you already know that the Good Day feature team is a big fan of escape experiences…not to mention all things filmed here in Georgia. So we had to spend the morning trying out Hopper’s Cabin for ourselves! Click the video player above to see how it all played out.