Burgers With Buck visits The Marietta Local on Marietta Square

In a cool brick building on the corner of Roswell and Atlanta Streets on the Historic Marietta Square you'll find the best fried chicken in town, according to the Taste of Marietta. 

For the last two years, The Marietta Local has received the "Big Chicken" award which goes to the restaurant that serves the best fried chicken in Marietta.  Now that's high praise in this part of town.  Trust me, they don't take an award named after the iconic Cobb County landmark, lightly.

It would be easy to go to the restaurant affectionately known as simply 'the Local', and feature the award fried chicken, but that would be a different segment (I'm thinking #BirdWithBuck or #CluckWithBuck).  At #BurgersWithBuck, burgers is what we do.  And The Marietta Local does a pretty good one.

It is a spinoff of their popular Meatloaf Sandwich, and it's called quite simply, the Meatloaf Burger.  It is made with Certified Angus beef, and topped with fried green tomatoes, mixed greens, house made jalapeno pimento cheese, and their top secret tangy tomato sauce. 

It's probably not easy to be a burger in a restaurant so well known for its fried chicken, but the Meatloaf Burger has the moxie to pull off the feat.  With the jalapeno pimento cheese, there's a kick to it, but it's not too much. 

When you combine it with the crunch of the fried green tomatoes, the flavor of the meatloaf, and the top secret tangy sauce, you get another great menu option.  I mean the fried chicken is great, but it's been said that variety is the spice of life.  Although I think I could make the case that the top secret, tangy tomato sauce is actually the spice of life.

Anyway, they are open for breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday.  And they also cater for events big and small (don't get me started on their biscuit bar).  For more information on The Marietta Local go to their website, http://www.themariettalocal.com/home.html.

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