Burgers with Buck: Big Tex

Big means, well big.  And Tex is short for Texas, where everything is bigger. So when you put the two words together it conjures up an image of something that is larger than life…a perfect description for the Triple Smash Burger at Big Tex in Decatur. 

On the menu, you’ll see the Double Smash Burger, but the good news is that if that is either too much food or like in the case of #BurgersWithBuck, not enough food…the good folks at Big Tex have got your back.  No matter how many patties you choose to stack, they are all Certified Black Angus. I know this may come as a shock to you, but Burgers With Buck chose three, the trifecta, the three-peat, the triple lindy, etc.

The rest of the ingredients are simple but well done. Add American cheese, mustard, onion and pickle (and lettuce and tomato upon request), and you start to understand why it is called a smash burger. If you don’t have a mouth the size of your average #BWB staffer, you are encouraged to place one hand on top of the burger and smash it down to the appropriate size.  One size definitely does not fit all. 

It’s also a great option for live music in downtown Decatur. 

For more information about Big Tex, including menu, hours of operation, show schedule, and more…go to their website, https://bigtex30030.com/ .

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