Book guides singles through the intimidating world of dating with technology

Dating in 2021 is not for the faint of heart, says author Mandy Hale.

Hale's new book, "Don't Believe the Swipe: Finding Love without Losing Yourself," is a guide to finding the right person in a dating environment that makes it easy to focus on what could go wrong. It's written with humor and candor. 

"This book is for anyone out there in this crazy dating world," Hale said. "It's so easy to get lost in the madness and mayhem of dating apps, the sliding into DMs, the texting and the ghosting. This book is a guide to help you get through all of that."

Hale said dating apps can work, it just takes some time.

Hale provides advice on setting "non-negotiables" in a new relationship and things she's learned from bad first dates. 

Hale said the book doesn't take a patronizing tone and talks to single women about dating, not at them. 

"Every time I want dating advice, I go straight to the source: I go to my single girlfriends," Hale said. "That's what I wanted this book to feel like, like women are sitting down with their single girlfriends getting the advice they don't always want to hear, but need to hear."

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