Army Aviation honored by Georgia-based organization

It all started nearly two decades ago, when a group of citizens decided it wanted to honor the men and women who served in Army Aviation.  Today, the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation is a national non-profit helping to keep the rich history of military flight alive.

The AAHF is based in Hampton and staffed completely by volunteers, many of whom are veterans.  Along with educating the public about the role of Army Aviation in history, the organization also collects and restores Army aircraft from the Vietnam-era to the present day.  An example is the Huey 624 helicopter, which was sent to Vietnam in 1967 and boasts more than 2200 combat flight hours.  Members of the public are able to ride in these historic aircraft at various special events around the country, and the AAHF also offers hangar tours.

Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken spent the morning in Hampton, checking out some of these amazing Army Aviation helicopters and learning more about the work of this unique organization.