Actor Michael B. Jordan returns to the ring for "Creed" sequel

Fresh off of his villainous turn as Killmonger in the blockbuster hit Black Panther, actor Michael B. Jordan is back on the big screen as the heroic, complex title boxer in Creed II.  And because the actor had gotten into ring-ready shape before, this time the pressure was on to make Adonis Creed as formidable a fighter as possible.

Creed II follows up the 2015 Oscar-nominated hit Creed, which bought new life to the storied Rocky film franchise. This time around, Jordan's boxer takes on boxer Viktor Drago, the son of the boxer who killed Creed's father decades earlier.

Although Creed II was filmed on-location in Pennsylvania and New Mexico, Michael B. Jordan is no stranger to the "Hollywood of the South."  Jordan has previously filmed projects in Metro Atlanta, both as an actor and producer. 

He sat down with Good Day Atlanta's Paul Milliken to talk about the highly anticipated film.