3 ways to keep your kids active during the school year with Maria More

Fitness expert and local Atlanta radio personality Maria More talks fitness and kids with Good Day Atlanta's Buck Lanford. 

She offers three tips to keep your kids active during the school year. 

Those tips include motivation, scheduling exercise time and setting an example.

See Maria More's expanded tips below.  For more information on Maria More on Majic 107.5 click here.

3 Ways To Keep Your Kids Active During The School Year tips from Maria More 

1) Motivate Them: From helping your kids understand the benefits of working out, picking physical activities they enjoy or even getting them new fitness gear, do your best to figure out ways to get your kids excited about exercise.

2) Schedule Exercise: Physical activity should be scheduled, just like homework. Pick days/times/activities that your kids can commit to on a consistent basis. This can also include activities like weekly soccer games or swimming classes.

3) Be An Example: There’s no doubt that our kids pick up on our habits so do your best to be a role model. Make sure your children know that exercise is important to you too!