Overcoming down payment barriers

If you have been thinking abut jumping on the home buying bandwagon, it’s not too late. Interest rates are at record lows, and even though prices have been rising, the many benefits of owning a home remain compelling.

Atlanta real estate remains hot

The real estate market has been robust for years. But, today we have record unemployment, and a foreclosure moratorium expiring at the end of the year.


Why the real estate market won't collapse when the foreclosure moratorium ends.

Should you waive your home inspection contingency when buying?

With today’s shortage of homes for sale, it’s no longer unusual to see several offers submitted to the seller for consideration, but some buyers have decided to make their offers more attractive to the seller by waiving their right to a home inspection.

Renters may be hardest-hit by $600 unemployment expiration

Weekly $600 payments and eviction moratoriums have been a lifeline for many renters out of work, but those payments have now been terminated. FOX 5 Real Estate Expert John Adams provides some guidance in navigating this challenging time.

US new home sales jump 13.8% in June

The Commerce Department reported Friday that the June gain pushed sales of new homes to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 776,000. The increase follows a 19.4% jump in May.