Buying a home during the pandemic

Most homeowners don’t want to put their homes on the market in the midst of a pandemic, but some do need to move, and it’s not the worst time to sell. 

Appeal your property tax now

When it comes to your 2020 property taxes, there’s still a way for you to appeal your assessment for this year, but the window for that process is closing fast.

Refinance now and save for years to come

Home loan interest rates are lower than they’ve been in several years, yet millions of American homeowners who should refinance to these lower rates have not done so, and it's literally costing them money every day that they wait. 

US existing home sales plunge 17.8% in April

The National Association of Realtors said Thursday that last month's decline pushed sales down to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.33 million units, the slowest pace since September 2011.

What if you can't pay your rent?

The Coronavirus shutdown has already caused major changes in the lives of most Americans. Whether we are social distancing or experiencing the disease first-hand, we all are affected.  And one result of the virus is that many Americans are now unemployed, but your landlord says the rent is still due on the first of the month. 

6 steps to finding the perfect rental home

Homeownership rates have been falling for the past eight years, according to a report by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. That means more people are renting, making it harder to find a rental home.

Zillow seeks to bypass traditional agent role

The past 20 years have so fundamentally changed the way Americans think about buying and selling homes that it’s easy to forget that the way we actually buy and sell homes is the same as it ever was.

Synthetic stucco: perception still hurts

Hardcoat stucco siding is a siding material made of Portland cement, sand, lime, and water. Applied in three coats over a lath base, it provides a solid, durable, and seamless home exterior. Some advantages of hardcoat stucco include a natural resistance to fire, lasting durability, and low maintenance. It is labor0-intensive and thus very expensive.

Coronavirus pandemic drives home loan rates to new low

The Coronavirus pandemic has already caused major changes in the lives of most Americans, but one unexpected result of the virus is that home loan rates have fallen to new lows. Does this create an opportunity for you? Real estate expert John Adams breaks it all down.

Millennials find home buying overwhelming

While the majority of millennial first-time homebuyers entering the market this year believe it's a good time to buy, many report feeling overwhelmed by the process and most have not taken the first financial steps toward homeownership.

Recent events cause home loan rate decline

We hear daily about new all-time record highs in the stock market.  It seems like everyone who wants a job can find one, and the economy seems to be hitting on all eight, and maybe even ten, cylinders.