'World's Fastest Man' reacts to Olympic postponement

"I'm definitely hungry for it"

An Olympic medal is the one thing that has eluded Atlanta's Christian Coleman so far in his stellar track career. He is currently the 'World's Fastest Man'. Having won the 100-meter sprint at the World Championships last year. He was going to come into Tokyo games as a favorite to win gold.

Now that is on hold after the International Olympic Committee announced Tuesday that the 2020 games will be postponed. But instead of being bummed out that his chance to shine has been delayed,  he actually sounded more relieved.

"Just because everybody was in limbo for the past couple of weeks. Not really knowing what to do and what to expect. So to finally have a decision to try and plan accordingly as much as we can. It was a sigh of relief," says Coleman.

The 24-year old is currently training in Atlanta and while he is locked in, he also gets the big picture.

'I'm looking forward to it. It's exciting, but obviously the health of everybody is the main priority right now. It was just bigger than me. It was bigger than sports. I just take it in stride. I'm glad they didn't cancel it, they just postponed it so I still have the opportunity," says Coleman

And once he gets his chance. Coleman thinks the spotlight might be even brighter.

"In my opinion, it may be the biggest Olympics ever just because so much has transpired and we have to wait a whole nother year," says Coleman.

A potential gold on hold but you won't hear any whining from the world's fastest man.