Wesleyan and Holy Innocence ready to square off

Think of the great basketball rivalries: Lakers-Celtics, Duke-North Carolina, and the UConn-Tennessee women.

A HIGH 5 Sports rivalry here in Atlanta lives up to those monumental names.

On Wednesday in Macon, the Wesleyan and Holy Innocents girls will play a fifth-straight state championship game.

The Bears and Wolves will face off for a state title again. In those first four matchups, Wesleyan has won 3, Holy Innocents 1. But these two teams don't just see each other in the state finals.

The Region 5-A rivals have played 14 other times over the last 5 seasons and Holy Innocents has dominated that series will 12 of the 14 total game which includes 4 Region Championships.

And like all good rivalries, this one goes a little deeper. For the last 3 years, Holy Innocents has been coached by Nichole Dixon, who before coming there spent 10 seasons at Wesleyan winning state titles with Coach Jan Azar.

"She has her own style and her own way. I hope she learned something from me, but she does a good job with her kids. She does some of the same stuff that we've done throughout the years. It's kind of like looking in a mirror a little bit," said Azar.

And despite knowing her opponent so well, Azar is still preparing to see something new and said she still has a few new tricks up her sleeve.

"I love the chess match and the thinking part of the game," said Azar.

Holy Innocents and Wesleyan will be the first of 17 state title games played in Macon this week, and it will certainly come with the most baggage.