FOX 5's Ron Gant weighs in on Braves firing Fredi Gonzalez

FOX 5's Ron Gant has been through this before. He was a member of the Atlanta Braves the last time that the team fired a manager. That was Russ Nixon back in 1990.

Gant said that the Braves firing Fredi Gonzalez was no surprise. “You hear rumblings and you know things can happen, but you don't know when it's going to happen, if it does," said Gant. “You kind of knew it was headed that way, just with how poorly the team has been playing so far this season.”

At 9-28, the Braves have the worst record in baseball. “I expected more out of them. I knew they were going to be young, but have a lot of really good talent and can be a talented team," said Gant.

Gant was a part of the Braves' rebuilding project in the late 80's and early 90's that lead to unprecedented success. “They're actually doing what we did back then, which was getting some good young talent in the minor leagues, which they have, develop those guys and bring them up through your system, and add a couple of pieces once they get there," said Gant.

The Braves have named Triple-A manager Brian Snitker as the team's interim manager. Snitker has been with the Braves organization since 1977 and was there when Gant was drafted by the Braves in 1983. ‘He is a true professional. He was my manager in Double-A when I was called up; very no nonsense type of guy. Knows how to control a clubhouse, knows how to control the players,” said Gant.