Former Jacket has big plans for NFL Draft, future

All Shamire Devine can do is wait. Serious, sometimes it feels like that's all he can do.

"I don't have any playbooks to study yet," said Devine, a former All-ACC honorable mention offensive lineman for Georgia Tech. "[I say,] 'I think I'll just do some curls and watch TV.' So I'm sitting on the couch [doing curls]."

Devine is among the former college football players waiting to find out his professional fate. He worked out at the Yellow Jackets Pro Day, went to an NFL regional scouting combine and visited the Atlanta Falcons, but until the Draft rolls around, there's not much more he can do.

It can be a little unnerving -- and Devine says it often seems like that's all anyone wants to ask about. Still, as he works on pass protection with a Georgia Tech assistant strength coach, he can feel proud knowing he's already passed some important life milestones.

"Coming out of high school, until my senior year in high school, I didn't expect myself to go to college. I expected to go straight to the work force," said Devine. "[My] grandma was like, you've got to go to college. Because I would be the first in my family to go to college and finish. My grandma went to college but didn't get a chance to finish because she had my mom, and my mom had me in high school."

Devine did graduate -- and already has plans to put his education to work once football is finished, whether that's sooner or later.

"My dream, the nice golden egg at the top I want to reach, is my own computer company where I hire college students in general," said Devine. "Some people want us to do unpaid internships, some people don't want to hire us at all because we're either overqualified or no work experience. So, I want to start a company that alleviates that big bald spot."

Computers always clicked with Devine: he had a knack for electronics as a kid, continued learning through high school and made friends with similar interests in college. Recently, he went back to visit his former football coach at Tri Cities High School, and was asked for some help ... setting up the team's new website.

"People are like, does it come natural to you?" said Devine. "Yeah, helping people and computers are the two first things I came across."

Devine says he is equally proud of what he accomplished on the field with the Jackets and what he did in the class room. If you asked his mom the same question, however ...

"She'd probably look you dead in the eyes and ask, 'really?? Of course, [I'm more proud of the diploma,'" said Devine.

The former Jacket is waiting to find out who his new NFL employer will be at the end of the week. One day, however, he might be the one doing the hiring at his own company.