2 World Cup players get homesick for Georgia

It's just the beginning of the U.S. women's national team's World Cup journey, but they have been on the road already for a long time. They may be riding the high of a record-setting 13-0 win over Thailand, but they still get homesick.

The women travel with professional teams then they jump in and off the national team for years leading up to big games like the Olympics and the World Cup, so they live most of their lives on the road.

"Georgia is like a part of my soul," said U.S. team veteran Kelley O'Hara.  

This defender from Fayette County, when not wearing a U.S. jersey, plays for Utah Royals FC. It's a long way from home.

"I miss Georgia," she told FOX 5's Dana Fowle at a game in St. Louis. "I live there in the off-season. I love it. Atlanta is home to me."

Cobb County native Emily Sonnett comes home to see family, including her twin sister, and to visit her old club team's stomping grounds.

Much of Sonnett's time is spent in Portland playing for the Thorns, but when she's home, she's hungry.

"Out west, yeah, I always think about home and Waffle House," Sonnett said. "I try to go every single time I'm home. I think just being home, seeing my family and Waffle House has to be the one thing right next to my family."

So hey, ladies, win that Cup, then head on back home. We have a seat waiting for you.