Woodstock police sergeant is on administrative leave pending investigation

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A Woodstock police sergeant went on administrative leave with pay pending a "use of force report," officials said.

Officials said Sgt. Randy Milligan and other officers detained a combative and disorderly man and placed the 38-year-old Florida man Calvin Jamel Taylor under arrest.

The Woodstock Police Department said following a routine review for use of force, Sgt. Milligan was placed on leave with pay until the investigation has concluded.

Officials said Taylor was unresponsive at a Stars and Strikes in Woodstock when a manager approached Sgt. Milligan asking for help. Once Taylor woke up, officials said he became combative. 

Officers said Sgt. Milligan attempted to help Taylor seek medical help with the Woodstock Fire Department. Officials said Taylor refused medical attention at the scene but was transported to an area hospital by officers at a later time. Officers said Taylor was treated, released and booked into the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center.

The Woodstock Police Department said Sgt. Milligan has been at the department for 13 years and was promoted in 2013.