Woman with 48 prior arrests banned from Atlanta's Southside

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Forty-eight arrests have not stopped a woman from working the street on the Southside of Atlanta. That is what neighbors and Fulton County court documents describe one woman named Angela Dawn Dalton.

The woman has been in and out of probation programs, court records show. Among her charges in the past: cocaine use, prostitution, and lewd behavior. Those offenses of a sexual nature are what has parents in the Ashview Heights community concerned.

A neighbor, Melody Cook-Blount, is one of the residents who takes out her cellphone to snap pictures when she sees Dalton on the street.

During one incident, she said Dalton exposed herself in the presence of the resident’s child.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard notes that Dalton is supposed to be banned from returning to certain Southside neighborhoods.

In a written statement, Howard expressed frustration that the woman is back on the street without restrictions.