Woman stabbed in the eye by a burglar

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Chamblee Police search for several burglars who entered into a woman's home and ended up attacking her as she arrived.

Maria Perez said one man ambushed her at the door of her Bedford Park apartment with a knife, and cut her in the eye.

"The man was behind the door. I didn't know him," said Maria Perez, to FOX in Spanish. "He got me directly in the eyes," she said.



Perez said she ran into the bathroom to hide, and due to her injuries, was never able to look at the man in the face; she said she only saw one man, although a neighbor told police she spotted two men and a female leaving her residence.

Neighbors told FOX 5 the community is known to be safe, but crime has increased around the area.



Perez said she doesn't believe anything was taken from the home.

Chamblee Police said the suspects are three young Hispanic individuals: one woman has black hair with purple bang streaks and with all black clothing, another man was seen with a highlighted Mohawk and jogging pants with a red stripe, and a third individual was seen with a cut on his right arm and all black clothing and a baseball cap.