Woman pleads guilty to 2015 deadly stabbing of cousin

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A Canton woman pleaded guilty Monday afternoon in a brokered deal to stabbing her 17-year-old cousin to death at a Cobb County home two years ago.

Olivia Smith, who was 18 at the time, was arrested for the November 2017 stabbing of Abbey Herbert.

Police said Smith grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her cousin by marriage and the followed her to the front yard of the Blowing Wind Court home where she stabbed her again, repeatedly. Investigators said the two had been smoking marijuana when the two got into an argument.

Family and friends of the Allatoona High School student gave powerful impact statements against Smith Monday. Many had expressed that they believed Smith had a break with reality leading to the stabbing. Smith had told investigators that God and the devil had told her to do it. However, Abbey's father presented a dissenting opinion during his time in front of the court.

The judge sentenced Smith to 20 years in prison.